Because of our location we encourage our clients to drop their pets off with us before work in the morning and collect them again after work in the evening. There will be no extra charge on your bill for day hospital care. When your pet comes in for a procedure or surgery we ensure top

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9 Jul


Veterinary Dentistry is an area of particular interest to me. My Father Frank Cuddy and brother Gerard are both dentists and run Cuddy Dental on Bridge Street, Galway. Dental care is crucial for your pet’s lifelong health. Some pet owners may notice their pet has bad breath, tartar build-up, bright red gums, drooling or reluctance

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We have installed a top of the range digital x-ray machine at our clinic to allow closer and clearer viewing of the area of interest. This will help us detect and treat illnesses such as osteoarthritis in joints, bone fractures, enlarged hearts and lung patterns, early tumour detection, elbow and hip scoring (for breeding animals),

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Neutering of pets is the most common surgery we provide. This is a very safe procedure in a young healthy animal. There are plenty of benefits from neutering your pet such as reducing prostate and testicular cancers in males along with mammary tumours and pyometras (womb infections) in females. Neutering can also help reduce undesirable

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Flea, ticks and worm treatment

Puppies and kittens are born with worm infestations and need to be wormed monthly until 6 months of age to help them grow up healthy and reduce the risk of contamination to families particularly with young children. After 6 months as the pet becomes more effective at fighting off worm burdens the worming routine can

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By law all dogs need to be microchipped and registered to a national database. Cats can be microchipped using a smaller chip but this is not a legal requirement. It involves an injection into the scruff of the neck and is usually well tolerated. We register your dog with fido’s database.

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