Services at Cuddy Vets Galway

At our clinic, we offer comprehensive services from all fields of veterinary. All services are provided in a comfortable and safe environment for your pet. We use top of the range equipment and materials to ensure the best care is provided to your pet.


A full range of vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits are available at Cuddy Vets. All vaccinations are given after a thorough health check.


By law all dogs need to be microchipped and registered to a national database. Cats can be microchipped using a smaller chip and

Flea, ticks and worm treatment

Puppies and kittens are born with worm infestations and need to be wormed monthly until 6 months of age to help them grow up healthy and reduce the risk...


Consultations are available by appointment, walk-in consults will be seen as soon as availability arises. Emergencies are of course a priority and we try to see any emergency appointments as soon as possible.


Neutering of pets is the most common surgery we carry out. This is a very safe procedure in a young healthy animal and a must to prevent unwanted litters. If you are unsure about neutering your pet please contact us to arrange an appointment with one of our vets to discuss it. We also perform emergency surgeries, soft tissue surgery and some orthopaedic surgery.


Pets often spend the day with us when they are having routine procedures done. Some patients benefit from a longer stay with us. Our facilities allow us to ensure your pets comfort and also allow us to monitor them carefully so all their medical needs can be met.


We provide a range of diagnostics to our patients including haematology and biochemistry. We also have a top of the range digital x-ray machine at our clinic to allow closer and clearer viewing of the area of interest and can carry out ultrasound too if needed.


Dental care is crucial for your pet’s lifelong health. Some pet owners may notice their pet has bad breath, tartar build-up, bright red gums, drooling or reluctance to eat or chew. We provide comprehensive dental care for your pets. If you are interested in finding out more or have noticed any of the above symptoms please talk to one of our vets.

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Do not hesitate to contact us in the case of an emergency such as....

  • If your pet has been hit by a car
  • Choking, difficulty breathing, non-stop coughing
  • If your pet has eaten something toxic or poisonous
  • Injury to your pets eye
  • If your pet is unable to pass urine or faeces

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