9 Jul

Veterinary Dentistry is an area of particular interest to me. My Father Frank Cuddy and brother Gerard are both dentists and run Cuddy Dental on Bridge Street, Galway.

Dental care is crucial for your pet’s lifelong health. Some pet owners may notice their pet has bad breath, tartar build-up, bright red gums, drooling or reluctance to eat or chew. Long term dental disease can lead to low grade septicaemia and this bacteria can damage the heart and kidneys over time. A recent study showed that up to 80% of pets had significant dental disease at five years of age. This can be very painful for your pet and they can often suffer in silence. We are offering free dental checks for all pets until the end of May.

Preventative dental cleaning and polishing helps maintain your pet’s oral health. Sometimes it is too late by the time a vet gets to perform a cleaning and some teeth are deemed unsalvageable. In this instance they may need to be extracted. All dental procedures are performed with your pet under general anaesthetic. For extractions we use a local anaesthetic block to ensure greater pain relief when your pet wakes up. Given that your pets tooth roots are much longer than humans, surgical extractions with a gingival (gum) flap may need to be performed. We have a brand new dental machine with a high-speed drill to help surgically remove dead infected teeth and prevent retained tooth roots.



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