Neutering of pets is the most common surgery we provide. This is a very safe procedure in a young healthy animal.

There are plenty of benefits from neutering your pet such as reducing prostate and testicular cancers in males along with mammary tumours and pyometras (womb infections) in females. Neutering can also help reduce undesirable behaviours such as marking/spraying, mounting, roaming and fighting. We are offering discounted neutering until the end of May. The benefits outweigh the risks and if you need more information on this don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your concerns.

We are equipped to carry out a wide range of surgical procedures from minor lacerations and lump removals to complex orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries. The following list covers some of the surgeries we can offer: tumour removal, spleen removal (often due to cancer), ear and eye surgeries, gastrointestinal foreign body removal, twisted stomach correction (GDV), bladder stone removal, diaphragmatic hernia repair, bone fracture repair, cruciate repair (lateral suture and TTA), patellar luxation correction, etc.


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