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A full range of vaccinations for dogs, cats and rabbits are available at Cuddy Vets. All vaccinations are given after a thorough health check. Puppies and kittens should be vaccinated from 6 weeks of age and a follow up vaccination should be given 4 weeks later. Young animals are particularly vulnerable to deadly viruses. we offer booster vaccinations as part of their annual health check.



By law all dogs need to be microchipped and registered to a national database. Cats can be microchipped using a smaller chip but this is not a legal requirement. It involves an injection into the scruff of the neck and is usually well tolerated. We register your dog with fido's database. For all relevant information and legislation please check out


Flea, ticks and worm treatment

Puppies and kittens are born with worm infestations and need to be wormed monthly until 6 months of age to help them grow up healthy and reduce the risk of contamination to families particularly with young children. After 6 months as the pet becomes more effective at fighting off worm burdens the worming routine can be reduced to every 3 months. From the start of March until the end of October your pet may be more vulnerable to picking up fleas and ticks in the environment or from other animals. We stock the best veterinary prescription range of flea and tick treatments. Some of the store brand products are becoming less effective with resistance documented in many studies. We will recommend the best treatment for your pet at consultation.


Consultations are available by appointment, walk-in consults will be seen as soon as availability arises. We have morning and afternoon slots to allow for surgeries and procedures during the middle of the day. Late evening and Saturday consults are by appointment only. We recommend annual health checks for your pet.

If you have any concerns about your pets health we have a full range of laboratory and diagnostic facilities which will help us to get to the bottom of any medical problems your pet may have.


Neutering of pets is the most common surgery we provide. This is a very safe procedure in a young healthy animal. There are plenty of benefits from neutering your pet such as reducing prostate and testicular cancers in males along with mammary tumours and pyometras (womb infections) in females. Neutering can also help reduce undesirable behaviours such as marking/spraying, mounting, roaming and fighting. We are offering discounted neutering until the end of May. The benefits outweigh the risks and if you need more information on this don’t hesitate to call us to discuss your concerns.

We are equipped to carry out a wide range of surgical procedures from minor lacerations and lump removals to complex orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries. The following list covers some of the surgeries we can offer: tumour removal, spleen removal (often due to cancer), ear and eye surgeries, gastrointestinal foreign body removal, twisted stomach correction (GDV), bladder stone removal, diaphragmatic hernia repair, bone fracture repair, cruciate repair (lateral suture and TTA), patellar luxation correction, etc.



Because of our location we encourage our clients to drop their pets off with us before work in the morning and collect them again after work in the evening. There will be no extra charge on your bill for day-hospital care.

Some routine procedures or surgeries involve a general anaesthetic, your pets are monitored closely throughout anaesthesia and recovered smoothly through the use of pain medication, oxygen and heat. In the case of a more complex surgery your pet may need to stay with us overnight for treatment or intensive care. We can provide 24 monitoring, continuous medication and I.V. fluid therapy for your pet when hospitalised.

We provide an emergency veterinary care service to all our clients, intensive care cases are checked regularly throughout the night by the vet. If requested, we can keep a nurse overnight to stay with your pet. There is a fee for this service.



We have installed a top of the range digital x-ray machine at our clinic to allow closer and clearer viewing of the area of interest. This will help us detect and treat illnesses such as osteoarthritis in joints, bone fractures, enlarged hearts and lung patterns, early tumour detection, elbow and hip scoring (for breeding animals), dental bone thinning and lesions, specific abdominal organ enlargement, etc.

We have a new ultrasound machine that will give us further details for diagnosing your pet’s health problems. It is used for pregnancy diagnosis, heart diseases, bladder stones, fluid build-up in the chest or abdomen also scanning organs like the spleen, liver, kidneys, pancreas, intestines etc to detect abnormalities and tumours.

We have an internal laboratory for running bloods, cytology, urinalysis, faecal analysis, ringworm culture testing and snap tests to rule out some deadly diseases.



Veterinary Dentistry is an area of particular interest to me. My Father Frank Cuddy and brother Gerard are both dentists and run Cuddy Dental on Bridge Street, Galway.

Dental care is crucial for your pet’s lifelong health. Some pet owners may notice their pet has bad breath, tartar build-up, bright red gums, drooling or reluctance to eat or chew. Long term dental disease can lead to low grade septicaemia and this bacteria can damage the heart and kidneys over time. A recent study showed that up to 80% of pets had significant dental disease at five years of age. This can be very painful for your pet and they can often suffer in silence. We are offering free dental checks for all pets until the end of May.

Preventative dental cleaning and polishing helps maintain your pet’s oral health. Sometimes it is too late by the time a vet gets to perform a cleaning and some teeth are deemed unsalvageable. In this instance they may need to be extracted. All dental procedures are performed with your pet under general anaesthetic. For extractions we use a local anaesthetic block to ensure greater pain relief when your pet wakes up. Given that your pets tooth roots are much longer than humans, surgical extractions with a gingival (gum) flap may need to be performed. We have a brand new dental machine with a high-speed drill to help surgically remove dead infected teeth and prevent retained tooth roots.



Because of our location we encourage our clients to drop their pets off with us before work in the morning and collect them again after work in the evening. There will be no extra charge on your bill for day hospital care.

When your pet comes in for a procedure or surgery we ensure top notch post-operative care. Pets are monitored throughout anaesthesia with core body temperature and respiratory function closely assessed, returning to normal post-op. Pain management is crucial for their recovery to be smooth and comfortable.

Should your pet need to stay with us overnight for treatment or intensive care we provide this service. We provide 24 hour 7 days a week monitoring of your pet when hospitalised. If requested, we can keep a nurse overnight to stay with your pet.



We carry a full range of Hills diets. this includes the vet essentials range for different life stages and breeds of both dogs and cats. We also stock Hills prescription diets for pets with health problems that can be treated through their diet. 

We store a new premium diet called calibra which is an economy range of maintenance diets catering for your pets needs depending on age, size and lifestyle.

Ultrasound, Radiology, Laboratory Services


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Specialist Surgery

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